Twitter Audience Measurement

PeekAnalytics delivers enterprise-class Twitter analytics that help marketers understand their social consumers. By identifying where Twitter users exist elsewhere on the Web, PeekAnalytics offers an unparalleled level of demographic and psychographic insights from consumer data aggregated not just from Twitter, but from over sixty social sites and every major blog platform.


What Nielsen® did for television and radio - PeekAnalytics does for social media.

Customers Include:

Who uses PeekAnalytics?

Publishers Arm your sales teams with deep social audience demographics and psychographics by analyzing visitors sharing content from your site. Prove to advertisers how powerful your social audience actually is.

Brands Incredibly detailed audience insights including demographics and psychographics of both your active and passive social audience. Drill deep into individual level consumer data with the PeekAPI.

Agencies Use audience analysis to plan, measure and report the social effect of your campaigns. Engage influencers based on their audience makeup rather than just an engagement score.

Media Buyers Understand and benchmark online engagement for offline media like TV and movies. Enhance your digital spend by understanding the social audience pushing your viral content.

What does PeekAnalytics do?

Stop "digging" for audience insights, automate and schedule daily, weekly, and monthly Social Audience Reports for your brand, competitors, industry and target influencers. Social Audience Reports are currently available for Twitter Followers, Following (Friends) and “Social Shares” that track mentions of keywords, trending topics, URLs, @usernames and, of course, hash-tags.

  • Social Audience Reports include the following aggregate level insights:
  • Audience: See how well connected a person or brand is on the Internet.
  • Social: Followers' social affiliations, activities, and network size.
  • Demographics: Statistically relevant age and gender breakdowns.
  • Geographic: City, state, and country level data.
  • Career: Industries audience is employed in, along with income breakdowns.
  • Education: Know what type of schools your audience attended.
  • Interests: Audience affinities for 25 different categories.
What are people saying about PeekAnalytics?

“PeekAnalytics takes big data and makes it understandable and actionable. Whether it's comparing Twitter accounts or hashtags, or modeling influence within particular audience segments, PeekYou is hell bent on making Twitter data useful for business.“ - Jay Baer, President, Convince & Convert, Co-author, The NOW Revolution

“The best social media monitoring tool I’ve tested.” - AdAge

“Social analytics: @klout is pecking order, @PeerIndex is stability and PeekAnalytics is well, mind-blowing.” - Jay Palter, President of Social Media Strategies

“I think PeekAnalytics represents one of the most interesting, and potentially most valuable innovations in social media measurement I’ve yet come across. Their thinking is remarkable and the value they offer to organizations trying to understand how to better connect with their audiences is genuinely important.” - Michael O'Connor Clarke, Vice President of Media Profile

“Check out @PeekAnalytics for some top notch audience analytics that can't be beat anywhere else!” - Eric T. Tung, Principal/Founder of Quantum Mass Media